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I'll be doing a solo show on Jul.14 for the "Six O'clock Swerve", a live one hour broadcast from Barley's, 200 E. Jackson Ave, Knoxville, TN 37915. The show is hosted by Wayne Bledsoe. People can listen live at 89.9, 102.9 or 93.9 or at www.wdvx.com. Shows are also archived for two weeks after air date.

40 Years of the "Down Home!"
Had a great time at the Down Home in Johnson City, TN on June 18th. 40th Anniversary of that most wonderful club and listening room. We were the first band to play there on June 18, 1976!

Meredith Ludwig sent me some great photos she took of Mark Hardwick in the early 80's. I've got them posted here. Meredith lives in Missouri and records an audio essay called "The Compost Pile" for her local community radio station KOPN. You can listen or download podcasts at here . She and Cathy Barton have also written a musical called GUMBO BOTTOMS.

The Craver Hicks Watson and Newberry Band had a very good trip out to the Pacific Northwest. We did shows in Spokane, Seattle and Portland. Our Portland show was broadcast on Concert Windows, which was a new experience for us. We did a whole bunch of flying and a whole bunch of driving and a whole bunch of playing. The only downside was returning with two little memento cases of influenza A... but nothing's perfect. Anyway, here's a picture of our beautiful arts and crafts bungalow in Portland (the lovely home of Nancy and Mike, who graciously opened it up to us.) It was even springier sooner out there than it has been here.

The Samuel French Company reports that SMOKE ON THE MOUNTAIN, a show that I was involved with putting together, was among the top produced musicals of 2015. Huzzah, huzzah!!

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