BOSH AND MOONSHINE - MIKE CRAVER CD SONGS: The Beautiful The Bibulous Babylon, The Ballad of Frederick Fosdick, The Mortician from Morden Manitoba, The Ballad of Deadwood Dan, Summerville Colorado, There's a Hole in Your Tights, Oh What a Golden Dream, What Ladies Love, The Night I Met Miss B., The Dame of Camellias, The Girl in the Gem Saloon, Ode to Mysterious Dave Mather, When It's Rhubarb Time in Orangeville, The Ghost in the Theatre, Stuffed People, Railroading on the Great I. C., and Yesteryear. MIKE CRAVER - ALL SINGING, ALL PLAYING, ALL INSTRUMENTS.
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For five consecutive years I wrote and performed musicals for the Northwestern Illinois Theatre Coalition. These shows (BOSH AND MOONSHINE, THE BELLE OF THE WABASH, SARAH BERNHARDT IN TEXAS, and OKLAHOMA HALE & DAMNATION) follow a motley band of 19th century music hall entertainers as they wander through the Midwest. The troupe includes a saloon singer, a Shakespearean tragedian, a love-struck young couple, a gunslinger, and an undertaker. I have picked 17 of my favorites from these shows and included them on this cd. -------MC

"THIS CD IS A WHOLE LOT OF FUN!" --- Mike Kelsey, WFHB Community Radio, Bloomington, IN

"Former Red Clay Rambler Mike Craver has created folk operas for many years. This set collects songs from several of these dramatic period pieces and many of the tracks sound as if they could've been written in the 1800s when the plays are set. Full of humor, theatrics and strangeness (a taxidermist dreams of preserving his relatives) it is a peculiar pleasure." --- Wayne Bledsoe, KNOXVILLE NEWS SENTINEL
(cover drawing by C. Baker)
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A very special thanks to Rich Warren, host of THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL on WFMT Chicago, for airing many of the cuts from this record. "THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL" (which was begun in 1953 by Mike Nichols) is syndicated nationally on over 70 stations throughout the South, Midwest, and West, including the stations of Alaska Public Media, Montana Public Radio, High Plains Public Radio, Yellowstone Public Radio, plus stations in New Brunswick Canada, and Great Britain!

Also a big thanks to Dr. Demento for playing "Stuffed People" on his show