THE QUEEN OF THE COWTOWNS is the fifth installation of the musical and melodramatic saga of a group of traveling medicine show performers (a hurdy gurdy singer named Fannie Mae Garrettson; a Shakespearean tragedian named Frederick Fosdick the 3rd; an undertaker named Mould; a gunslinger named either Mysterious Dave Mather or Deadwood Dan Brown (depending on the circumstances;) and two star crossed young lovers and performers named Ollie O. Shaughnessy and Dora Hand. THE QUEEN OF THE COWTOWNS unites these characters with a crooked Kansas senator, a notorious dance hall girl named Squirrel Tooth Alice and her husband Billy Thompson, and a western legend by the name of Marthy Jane Canary. These principals pursue a championship title, lured by the promise of political power and gold, and later on Squirrel Tooth Alice recalls what happened to many of her old friends before the "Wild" West got co-opted by Hollywood. The action takes place in a nursing home in Los Angeles, in 1953, and a saloon in Drizzlyville Kansas, in the 1880's. THE QUEEN OF THE COWTOWNS was directed by Peter Woodruff, and featured Mary Jo Frederick, Josh Ryan, Emily Evans, Phil Jackman, Brad Field, Terrie Miller, Reynold Nolan, Sandy Sweitzer, Mike Craver and Peter Woodruff. The band featured Deb Ketzel, Sandy Sweitzer, Jorge Diaz and John Buford. QUEEN OF THE COWTOWNS was a joint production of the Northwest Illinois Theatre Coalition.

Performances: Sept. 20--22nd, 2013: Mighty Richland Players, Orangeville, IL Center at 608-325-5700
Sept. 27--29th, 2013: Mt. Carroll, IL, Plum River Playhouse
Oct. 4--5th, 2013: Hanover, IL. Back Street Players
QUEEN OF THE COWTOWNS is a one set (or black box) musical featuring 10 characters (the cast number can be lessened) and 19 songs.

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photo by Jolene Kilcoyne; watercolor: C. Baker

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