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mic.gif - 4391 Bytes "RADIO GALS" is a musical by Mike Craver and Mark Hardwick, set in the late l920's, and concerning an enterprising woman, Hazel Hunt, of Cedar Ridge, Arkansas who, upon her retirement as the town music teacher, receives a Western Electric 500 watt radio transmitter and begins broadcasting as radio station "WGAL". What comes out over the local airwaves is a small town diary, calendar, and stream of consciousness -- sort of a Molly Bloom crossed with the Farmers' Almanac -- with generous dollops of singing and playing by Hazel's "all-girl" orchestra, "the Hazelnuts", and that lovesick flapper Gladys Fritts. However, due to Hazel's habit of "channel wandering", her broadcasts are not always so local. And listeners as far away as Montreal and Manhattan can testify. Enter O. B. Abbott, Federal Radio Inspector, intent on rescuing the airwaves from gypsies like Hazel Hunt. However, Mr. Abbott soon falls prey to the blandishments of the Hazelnuts, and the Shangri-La that is Cedar Ridge. Inspector Abbott, it turns out, also has a fine tenor voice, plays a mean accordion, and in the course of things falls for the flapper... (Graphic courtesy of Mark Wilson and Mark Suggs; Top Photo, l-r: Bob Birdsong, Mike Craver, Emily Mikesell, Klea Blackhurst.)

"Dear Mister Gerswhin", "Buster He's a Hot Dog Now", "Edna Jones the Elephant Girl", "A Fireside a Pipe and a Pet", "A Gal's Got To Do What A Gal's Got To Do", "Kittens in the Snow", "Queenie Take Me Home With You", "An Aviatrix Love Song", "Why Did You Make Me Love You?", "There Are Fairies in My Mother's Flower Garden", "Whispering Pines", and "That Wicky Wacky Hula Hula Honka Wonka Honolulu Hawaiian Honey of Mine"
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hand.jpg - 1377 Bytes "THAT HAWAIIAN HONEY OF MINE" as performed by Sutton Foster, Christian Borle, and Megan McGinnis

stars.gif - 301 Bytes"RADIO GALS" is a throwback to summer theatre the way it used to be. It is dizzy, daffy, and silly, demanding enough for the performers to have fun exerting themselves, undemanding enough for the audience to relax and have a good time... "RADIO GALS" salutes the core American value of individual initiative. And while it has fun with the absurd side of earlier styles of popular entertainment, it also cherishes their enduring value, and that is not an exercise in nostalgia."

stars.gif - 301 Bytes"RADIO GALS is a lively, cheery, nostalgia-dipped musical, keeping the old fashioned musical numbers, country humor and romance coming fast enough to charm the ear."
Lawrence Van Gelder, THE NEW YORK TIMES

stars.gif - 301 Bytes"A loving valentine to a bygone America."

rglogo1.jpg - 33285 Bytesstars.gif - 301 Bytes"The magic of RADIO GALS is in its loving re-creation of America's innocent musical past. Hardwick and Craver have brilliantly recaptured the spirit of smalltown America in the '20s with a remarkable sense of authenticity. This is a fun, moving tribute to the pure, light hearted innocence that was once America, and may still be lurking somewhere deep in our hearts."
Hoyt Hilsman, VARIETY.

stars.gif - 301 Bytes"Exuberant, ebullient, often hilarious, always delightful".
William Stevenson, BACKSTAGE

Winner of Los Angeles Ovation Award
For Best Musical, and Best Choreography (Patti Colombo)

Critics' Choice: Drama-Logue, & Backstage West

"RADIO GALS" is licensed by Concord Theatricals. "RADIO GALS" is a single set musical, with seven characters, either six women and one man, or four women and three men (two playing women) or however the heck you wanna do it! Basic band: piano, bass, drums, violin.

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