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This is a special order CD-R of the original cast recording, which is out of print. This CD-R package, which does NOT include artwork or photos, ships in a simple slim line jewel box with running order and basic production information on the tray card. HOWEVER FIDELITY AND SOUND QUALITY ARE GUARANTEED.
Produced by Bruce Kimmel for Varese Sarabande, this recording features the cast of the 1995 Pasadena Playhouse production, including Eileen Barnett, Klea Blackhurst, Mike Craver, Helen Geller, Emily Mikesell, Mark Nadler, and Lenny Wolpe. Arrangements by Mark Hardwick, Klea Blackhurst, Emily Mikesell, and Mike Craver.
Songs include: "Sunrise Melody", "Kittens in the Snow", "When It's Sweetpea Time in Georgia", "Buster, He's a Hot Dog Now", "Dear Mr. Gershwin", "Edna The Elephant Girl", "The Aviatrix's Love Song", "The Royal Radio", "Why Did You Make Me Love You?", "The Tranquil Boxwood", "A Gal's Got To Do What A Gal's Got To Do", "Wedding of the Flowers", "Old Gals Are the Best Pals After All", "Fairies in My Mother's Flower Garden". "Queenie Take Me Home With You", "Whispering Pines" & "That Wicky Wacky Hula Hula Honka Wonka Honolulu Hawaian Honey of Mine"!
Sheet music for That Wicky Wacky Hula Hula Honka Wonka Honolulu Hawaian Honey of Mine", Dear Mister Gershwin and over a dozen more tunes from RADIO GALS are available at Mike's Sheet Music Store
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