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Mike Craver
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RADIO GALS Production History

purpleba.gif - 924 BytesTaproot Theatre, Seattle WA. Directed by Karen Lund, musical direction by Edd Key. Starring Lori Amondson, Rachel Hornor, Kim Sanders, Pat Sibley, Dwight Smith, Pat Spaeth and Candace Vance. "A spunky and tunesome serving of musical lampoonery and nostalgia." -- SEATTLE TIMES
P980503RADIO.jpg - 9038 Bytes purpleba.gif - 924 BytesActors Theatre of Louisville, Louisville, KY; Directed and chorerographed "in the round," by Pamela Hunt. With Mike Craver, Mary Ehlinger, Joy Franz, Bill Kocis, Evelyn Page, Guy Strobel, and Jessica Wright. (l: Evelyn Page as 'Hazel Hunt')
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesGeva Theatre, Rochester, NY. Directed and choreographed by Pam Hunt; Mark Cuddy, A.D. With Klea Blackhurst, Mike Craver, Julie Hafner, Bill Kocis, Emily Mikesell, Maureen Sadusk, and Guy Strobel.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesTotem Pole Playhouse in Fayetteville, PA. With David Caldwell, Mike Craver, Marcy McGuigan, Emily Mikesell, Patti Perkins, Susan Ross, and Guy Strobel. Directed by David Caldwell, musical direction by Emily Mikesell.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesOld Log Theatre, Excelsior, MN. Directed by Don Stolz. Featuring Peter Thomsen, Colleen Everett, Amy McDonald, and Nancy Lillis
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesTown and Gown Theatre, Stillwater, OK. Directed by Jeri Seefeldt.
dody.jpg - 5748 Bytespurpleba.gif - 924 BytesHelen Hocker Center for the Performing Arts, Topeka, KS. Directed by Paul Prece, musical director Nancy S. Epoch. Featuring Pat Gibson, Tess Dozier, Donna Mealy, Cecelia Yager, Roxanne Wade, Cathy Hughes, Robb Baker, and Nancy Bartee.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesStover Theatre at Stetson University, DeLand, FL. Directed by Ken McCoy, and featuring Erin Jones, Angie Sacco, Natalie Suwanprakorn, Tob Toss, Thomas Hood, Christy Steele, Daniel Cilli, Kristie Born, Melissa Ames, Joseph Crain, Mark Roller, Melodee Lynn and Chuck Stites.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesNeighborhood Playhouse, Decatur, GA. Directed by Scott Rousseau.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesSmokey Mountain Community Theatre, Bryson City, NC. Directed by Debbie Deaton, with Kathy Wiggins.(r: Dody Goodman as Hazel Hunt, Cape Playhouse, 2000. Photo: Pamela Nelligan
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesDowntown Cabaret Theatre, Bridgeport, Conn.
Directed by David Caldwell, Musical direction: Emily Mikesell. Featuring Patti Perkins, Rosemary Loar, Sam McPherson, Tom Keniston, Emily Mikesell, Klea Blackhurst, and David Caldwell.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesNew American Theatre, Rockford, IL.
rgphc.jpg - 30600 Bytes purpleba.gif - 924 Bytes Rialto Community Playhouse, San Bernardino, CA, featuring Gail Walker, Vicki Carrigan, Bob Fraley and Tawndi Wholwend.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesThe Pine Hills Lodge and Dinner Theatre, in Julian, CA.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesAcademy of Sacred Heart, New Orleans, LA
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesHarmony Players, Union City, CA
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesClague Playhouse, Westlake, OH
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesShelby County Community Theatre , Shelbyville, KY
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesTacoma Musical Playhouse, Tacoma, WA
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesFlatwoods Productions, East Millsboro, PA
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesSummertime Players, Monon, IN
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesArrowrock Lyceum Theatre, Arrowrock, Missouri.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesA.D. Players, Houston, Texas. Directed by Deborah Eckols, musical direction by Steven G. Jones. With Marijane Vandivier, Robin Smith, Elizabeth Byrd, Jennifer Arisco Wise, Zona Jane Meyer, Sheri Tyrell Brogdon, and Marion Arthur Kirby.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesDepot Theatre, Westport, New York. Directed by Stephen Roylance, musical direction by John Ogden. With David Bada, Shirlyann Kaladjian, John Ogden, Joanna Parson, Trudi Posey, Sam MacPherson, Alan Sharp and Melinda Tanner.
rgnyorker.jpg - 81466 Bytes purpleba.gif - 924 Bytes Willows Theatre Company, Concord, CA. Directed by Klea Blackhurst. With Rand Allen, Keith Barlow, Allison Hilliard, Barrett Lindsay-Steiner, Shanon Orrock, Karla Rosenthal, and Diana Torres Koss.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesSwift Creek Mill Playhouse, Colonial Heights, VA. Production directed by Tom Width, musical direction by Paul Deiss. With Robin Arthur, Jolene Carroll, Julie Fulcher, Jimmy Hicks, Kelly Kennedy, Jim Smith, and Robert Throckmorton.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesShircliff Theatre, Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesThe Terrific New Theatre Company, Birmingham, Alabama.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesThe Off-Broadstreet Theatre, Hopewell, NJ, with Reba Holley
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesWichita State University, with Jennifer Booher, Danzel Muzingo, Melissa Carroll, DeAnna Winkler, Aaron Walker, Jason Guggisberg, and Nathan Ryan. Directed by Linda Starkey.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesBreak A Leg! Productions, at the Winter High School Auditorium in Winter, Wisconsin, directed by Sue Peterson.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesJoe Jefferson Players, Mobile, AL
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesFaulkner University Dinner Theatre, Montgomery, AL
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesBakersfield Independent Theatre, Bakersfield, CA
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesSylvia's Class Act Dinner Theatre, Portland, OR
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesVisalia Community Theatre, Visalia, CA
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesSt. Joseph's College, Rensselaer, Iowa
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesTheatre in Shawnee, Shawnee, Kansas
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesChestnut Fine Arts Center, 234 N. Chestnut, Olathe, Missouri. Director: Brad Zimmerman; Choreographer: Jay Coombes; Cast: Kim Creason Alley, Curt Crespino, Vicki DeLaughder, Diane Garrett, JaNelle Grimes, Nancy Madsen, Licia Watson
rgcgp.jpg - 15919 Bytespurpleba.gif - 924 BytesThe Depot Theatre Company, Dodge City, KS. Directed by Don Steele. Featuring Karen Carroll, Connie Penick, Penny Cox, Dee Dee Royale, Alisa Nickel, Steve Morgan, Kristina Morgan and Becky Matticks.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesNEW YORK PREMIERE: John Houseman Theatre, New York, NY. Directed and choreographed by Marcia Milgrom Dodge. Featuring Carole Cook, Rosemary Loar, Matt Bennett, Emily Mikesell, Klea Blackhurst, Michael Rice and Mike Craver. Produced by Elliot Martin.
purpleba.gif - 924 Bytes Coconut Grove Playhouse, Miami, FL. Directed by Alan Bailey, choreographed by Patti Colombo. Featuring Helen Geller, Eileen Barnett, Lenny Wolpe, Emily Mikesell, Klea Blackhurst, Scott Harlan and Mike Craver
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesLa Mirada Theatre, Fullerton, CA. Directed by Alan Bailey, choreographed by Patti Colombo. Featuring Helen Geller, Eileen Barnett, Lenny Wolpe, Emily Mikesell, Klea Blackhurst, Scott Harlan and Mike Craver
purpleba.gif - 924 Bytes Pasadena Playhouse, Pasadena, CA. Directed by Alan Bailey, choreographed by Patti Colombo. Featuring Helen Geller, Eileen Barnett, Lenny Wolpe, Emily Mikesell, Klea Blackhurst, Mark Nadler and Mike Craver.
RGARK.jpg - 49973 Bytespurpleba.gif - 924 BytesCape Fear Regional Theatre, Fayetteville, NC. Directed by Alan Bailey. Featuring Phoebe Hall, Pem Price-Medlin, David Caldwell, Emily Mikesell, Klea Blackhurst, Philip Cress and Mike Craver.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesBlowing Rock Stage Company, Blowing Rock, NC. Directed by Mark Hardwick, and featuring Candyce Hinkel, Vivian Morrison, Joel Spinetti, Emily Mikesell, Klea Blackhurst, Bob Birdsong and Mike Craver.
purpleba.gif - 924 BytesWORLD PREMIERE: Arkansas Repertory Theatre, Little Rock AR. March-April, l993. Directed by Cliff Baker and featuring Candyce Hinkel, Vivian Morrison, Joel Spinetti, Emily Mikesell, Klea Blackhurst, Mark Hardwick and Mike Craver.

1. Evelyn Page as Hazel Hunt, Actors Theatre of Louisville
2. Hazelnuts, Neighborhood Playhouse, Atlanta
3. Vivian Morrison as Gladys Fritts, Blowing Rock Stage Company
4. Cape Playhouse: l-r: Klea Blackhurst, Dody Goodman, Emily Mikesell; standing, l-r: Bill Kocis, Joy Franz, Guy Strobel, Mike Craver.
5. Arkansas Rep photo: l-r: Klea Blackhurst, Mike Craver, Mark Hardwick

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